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Making Medical Marijuana Legal through a Constitutional Amendment

Over the past few years, the nationwide trend has been to decriminalize possession of marijuana. Some states, such as Colorado and Oregon, have voted to decriminalize the use of marijuana for medicinal purposes. Others—like California, Texas, Vermont, Maryland, and fourteen others—do not prosecute those found in possession of marijuana if they are using it for medicinal purposes. Notice that Florida is on neither list.

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Statutory Rape: Not Knowing Is No Defense

Statutory rape laws in Florida are strict. You may end up with a serious criminal record even when you had no intention of committing any crime.

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Despite Requirements to Disclose Favorable Evidence, Sometimes Prosecutors Don’t Play Fair

Despite strict requirements for the handling of evidence, sometimes prosecutors hide evidence. This obviously creates a problem for defendants and their lawyers. Sometimes even the best lawyers don’t know what evidence the prosecution has if they don’t disclose it.

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