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Were You Charged With Resisting Arrest Even Though You Didn’t Use Force?

When you think about “resisting arrest” you probably imagine someone physically resisting an officer’s attempts to restrain them. It probably comes as no surprise that using this force is illegal and may result in additional charges. But some Florida residents face resisting arrest charges even when they don’t touch the officer at all.

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Petit Theft in Florida: What You Need To Know

Most people understand what they are being accused of if they are charged with theft. But you may be less familiar with the degrees of theft charges. Some are more serious than others, but all of them may come with serious penalties. One of the less understood crimes is known as “petit theft.”

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Is It Illegal To Record Someone Without Their Knowledge?

Say you suspect your girlfriend of cheating on you. To confirm your suspicions, you might want to install a video or audio recording device in her bedroom the next time you are over visiting. But be warned: doing so could be illegal.

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