Can A Lawyer Keep Your Breath Test Results Out of Court

Under Florida law, your attorney may have the results of your breathalyzer test thrown out of court for very specific reasons. Some of the specific cases we can have breath test results suppressed as evidence include: Coercion – Florida law requires the arresting officer to demonstrate that you submitted to the breath test without being forced … Read more

Understanding the difference between Petit Theft and Grand Theft

Understanding the difference between Petit Theft and Grand Theft Florida Petit Theft Statutes Under Florida Statute 812.014; Theft, the difference between Petit Theft and Grand Theft is explained thoroughly. Proving theft of property requires the prosecution to prove the defendant had the intention to deprive the owner of the property. Petit (known as petty) theft charges … Read more

What steps should I take if I get a notice to appear?

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Florida law allows law enforcement officers to issue a “Notice to Appear.” The notice will contain specific information including the name and identifying information of the person being charged, the reason the officer has for believing a crime was committed and the information needed to schedule your court appearance. Notice To Appear Compliance A notice … Read more

Driver’s License Suspensions: Fighting Back

Having your driving privileges revoked can cause a number of issues including interfering with your ability to earn a living. We understand that your driver’s license means more than simply an ability to use your vehicle for recreational purposes, it is part of what allows you to get to work, shop for your family and … Read more

What happens when you run from the police?

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Fleeing a police officer is never a good idea and in Florida, if you are charged with eluding arrest or fleeing, you could be facing felony charges that could result in a loss of your driving privileges, voting rights and mandatory jail time. Fleeing and eluding is covered under Florida Statute 316.1935 and involves failing to stop … Read more

Probation Violations: You could land in jail

There are few things that are more intimidating than being charged with a crime. After you have been charged. your case may ultimately be resolved with a probation disposition. Probation is no easy matter.  Judges often put onerous restrictions on those who are placed on probation. Probation violations are serious and move quickly Florida judges … Read more

Domestic Battery: What is it and what penalties can I face?

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Under Florida statutes, striking a household member could result in domestic battery charges. As with other domestic violence charges, battery is prosecuted aggressively meaning you will need a Jacksonville criminal defense attorney to assist with your defense. Defining domestic battery Section 741.28, Florida Statutes, defines domestic battery as the willful or deliberate action of striking … Read more

Drug Possession Penalties and Enhancements

Florida has some very tough penalties for drug possession. Perhaps the most overlooked and most onerous is that even a first-time misdemeanor drug possession charge means you will lose your driving privileges for a period of one year. This alone can cause you significant financial damage since you may be unable to get to your … Read more

Defending against Florida gun charges

For those Florida residents who are arrested on gun charges, contacting a Jacksonville criminal defense attorney immediately is a necessity. The penalties for unlawful possession are very harsh and if someone is injured or killed, the penalty could be as great as life in prison. While Florida laws are written to protect our Second Amendment … Read more

Pleading Guilty or No Contest

When you have been arrested and charged with a crime, in nearly all cases, the first thing on your mind is getting the entire situation to go away. This approach often results in someone who has been charged with an offense pleading no contest without first consulting with a Jacksonville criminal defense attorney. There are … Read more