You should check for the nature of the grip to allow use when bathing the dog. The comb is easy to use, and not too big for smaller hands to hold. Thank you. This breed of dogs needs to have their coat checked frequently to make sure it’s not too oily and that their skin isn’t being irritated by anything in the home. Thank you King Kanine. It's as easy as Komb, Retract & Klean. This brush is the best de-shedding tool for pitbulls with short or long hair. This brush is designed for short-hair pets and … I was really skeptical at first, I bought it because it had such good reviews! I honestly thought I was doing a great job keeping Ladybug brushed. This design is gentle on your pet yet firm to remove tangles and even out the hair. For the little bit we used it, it worked WONDERS on our 162lb Dane! my grand daughter loves it. The pin side helps to distribute natural oils of your long hair pitbull. I use this brush on my Australian Sheperd and I literally could make another Aussie with the amount of hair that this comb pulls off. It is, therefore, an ideal choice for long hair pitbull dog. It comes with two sides; the pin and bristle sides. Thankyou very much. Makes for easy grooming and a feeling your puppy will love for many years. This brush helps to remove loose hair and dirt during bath time. The ergonomic design, the fact that none of the coat is damaged, but it gets up so much of the dead undercoat, dander and dirt. So I'm still continuing to use the King Komb even though he is not a fan because it is the only tool that gets that ridiculous undercoat fur off. I absoulty love the king komb I have a husky and it has help with the amount of hair thats in our house! The bristles are gentle on the skin and coat which makes it a useful grooming tool. If she behaves and listens to her commands, she gets brushed. You should try to brush and groom your Pitbull with a bristle and deshedding brush a few times a week. Using long strokes ensures that you remove any dead hair and keep your pet looking her best. Because they’re short haired dogs, this can often happen. Indeed, many pitbull owners will attest to this fact. This dog brush has two sides that help you remove tangles and smooth out the pet’s hair. More to this, the bristle side works for dogs with different coat lengths. The look on his face tells me I made the right decision to buy one. It has boar bristles that make it smooth enough for sensitive skin types and short-hair pets. If you have dogs with varying coat lengths, you can get this brush that works for all coats. The only grooming tool acceptable to The Difficult Dog. The best brushes should help to remove loose fur without digging deep into the skin of your dog. This is better than the furminator that we own. It comes with two sides to provide different brush textures for effective brushing. Wow this product is amazing. Although pitbulls have short hair, they do shed. If you have a long hair pitbull, then you can use one of the sides to penetrate through and remove tangles and mats. It comes with durable plastic bristles that clean from the hair root for a clean, even coat. This one does not pull there hair. I've actually started using this as a training tool. I've purchased several different deshedding tools for my GSD and none of them come close to the King Komb. Of course, while they may not shed as much as their long haired counterparts, there is still plenty of excess hair to be found around the house if not dealt with early. Choose the angle that is most comfortable to you, or which allows you to brush your K9 friend the easiest! It is recommended for the easy removal of loose hair on dogs with short hair. In this blog we’ll share information on the. This design makes it useful for massaging the dog hence stimulating the hair follicles. I love your product. Key Benefits: Single row of fine metal teeth; Designed by a groomer for quality results; Reduces shedding up to 90%; Skin guards on edges keep your dog safe; Best Shedding Brush for … I was hesitant if it was going to work when I received it in the mail. I can brush my dog much longer without my hand hurting. Also, it is lightweight and comfortable to hold. It features two brushing sides; the pins and the bristles sides. This is just one more reason you’ll want to have, on hand, to make sure they don’t track the mess too far into your home when they’re done outside. This is slicker dog brush. What makes the King Kombpitbull brush the best on the market is that it was designed by pitbull owners and experts alike. She ordered one too. Despite the short hair, this breed of dogs tend to shed. I have always enjoyed dog grooming, I find it very soothing. This grooming brush is the best deshedding tool for pitbulls and other dogs. It conforms to your hand regardless of how you hold it to ensure it is comfortable for regular grooming. My dog loves it! Thank you! by brushing in the direction the coat grows, that way you don’t pull their hair or accidentally scratch their skin. The pins have rounded heads to ensure comfort for your pet and they are somewhat flexible to prevent them from breaking if they get caught in a knot in her fur. It has shown to work for both long and short hair. The product works as told but my dog is still shaved from Summer. Pet Grooming Dog Brush. My dog sheds something awful. Works great. You can also make use of other products in our inventory like the paw cleaner, essential oils, shampoo, and more, all designed by pitbull lovers and experts alike. That way you can brush the dog effectively and maintain the quality over time. Use thebest brush for pitbulls with hair by brushing in the direction the coat grows, that way you don’t pull their hair or accidentally scratch their skin. So glad I saw this product and tried it. We have the pet supplies & dog grooming tools you need to keep your pet’s mane silky smooth. In her spare time, she loves to ride horses and cuddle up with her 3 boisterous dogs. It is ideal for pitbull shedding hair; thanks to its design and high-quality material. But this one is the best!!! ❤ Comfortable Strong & Durable – Our brush grooms and massages for a healthy coat, increasing blood circulation and leaves your pet’s coat soft and shiny. Nothing like it and my cat loves it too. This works on her! I love this Komb! In this blog we’ll share information on thebest brush for pitbulls with hair.We want pitbull owners to have the best materials at hand to deal with their dog’s shedding, so they can spend less time cleaning up and more time playing. It works well to eliminate loose hair leaving the coat smooth and clean. My Shiba Inu initially liked this brush which surprised me as he hates when I brush him! Try out a few different products and see what works for you. This really works!! The brush has the pin side which features rounded pins hence safe for all dogs. Pitbulls are outgoing dogs and they can get dirty when they’re outside. But I will be using a lot on each hair grows out. My dogs love it and damn... it really pulls off the excess hair! Don’t let that short coat deceive you. Like other dogs, the pitbull’s coat will shed mostly during seasonal shifts, like winter and summer, and this is when you have to spend more time than ever grooming your dog. Two high-quality gloves with great brushing power. Well worth the price! You can use this brush anytime the dog needs grooming. They were all falling asleep while I was brushing them. In the beginning this might not be the case, but over time these habits will develop. I love it. Subtly Flexible joint on the handle prevents any rough brushing. It is an ideal tool for dogs that shed regularly. We have bought many instruments as well as a furminator which Nitro our German Shedder does not like and we have to chase him while trying to use it. Not cheap in Australia, unless it outlasts the dogs. I’ve tried many brushes for my sweet Rottweiler and nothing seemed to completely help get that hair that was left underneath her top coat. The metal edge on the King Kanine works like s charm. This pet brush comes in handy to massage the dog while removing loose hair. This works really well I have chows, this works better than anything I have ever tried on them, truly a life saver. If you’re deciding whether or not to get a Pitbull, one thing to … I have two Pugs, and the shedder is excellent for getting the hair out. Once she see's it in my hand, I could get her to do almost anything. The manager remarked that she pulled very little shed from her, and that "We must brush her often" After only 3 days? Thanks Kingkomb. Therefore, it is ideal for puppies and small to medium breeds of dogs. The brush comes in handy as an essential grooming tool for long hair pitbull dogs and other breeds. It is the best deshedding tool for your pitbull. The brush is essential for cleaning through the hair while eliminating loose hair. I just starting using and it works just fine. The brush has soft rubber bristles that provide a soothing and massage feeling for your pet. But this did an amazing job and she was in love with it too. He rushes up to you when he sees it in your hand, and then lays down or rolls over so you can reach all the right spots. It gets out all the tuffs that it took me hours with a brush to get off in just minutes . This brush has a multi-angle handle design for different uses. The first time I use it on her, she was reluctant but once she got use to it, she loves it. It comes in a suitable size for different dog’s sizes and breeds. I’m telling all my friends with fur babies. My Guinness LOVES being brushed with this komb! Every dog is different , so if you find your pup shedding more than normal, a de … I absolutely love it & so does she (Marley). Find out now why the King Komb has been called thebest grooming brush for pitbulls on the market. Short hair pitbulls and. "Jack" loves it too. Very, very good, The BEST I have ever used on my Puppies. With this brush, you can be sure of an easy grooming session with your pet. It is ideal for long hair pitbull dogs; thanks to the double-sided design. Another thing that I love about this product is that it works quite effectively on my Great Dane as well. The brush is designed for effective removal of loose fur. The Frisco Deshedding Pet Brush blasts away those furry tumbleweeds around the house! With the bristle side easily knock off loose hair and dirt while getting a beautifully groomed coat for dogs or cats with the pin brush side. This brush is designed for short-hair pets and can help brush pitbulls. FREE USA Shipping! It is a great idea to bathe your pitbull once a month if that’s doable, and even a few more times if you have the time. King Komb is a game changer! Check out our reviews of today's best brush for pitbulls before heading out and making a purchase. She has two dogs. Fantastic, I have two big long hair German Shepherds, a Lab and a GS puppy, it takes the underhair out and frees me up from sweeping to much for a couple days!! This side is useful for dogs with short to medium coat length. The other side; the bristles work to smoothen the coat while clearing the loose hair that could be lodged on your dog’s coat. The King Komb was designed to brush both lightly and more aggressively on the pet's fur. While pitbulls are generally known to have very short hair, that doesn’t mean they don’t leave that hair wherever they go. The ergonomic design, the fact that none of the coat is damaged, but it gets up so much of the dead undercoat, dander and dirt from the skin. It removes all the loose hair and is so easy to clean. The pinhead bristles reach the base of your dog’s coat which stimulates the skin and the hair follicles. There’s no real reason to consider buying a de-shedding tool for your Pitbull, as most fur should be easily managed by a high-quality pin brush. They LOVE it. One of the sides has soft yet firm bristles which are designed to remove dirt, eliminate loose hair and smoothen the coat. This pet brush is an excellent choice for removing loose hair and eliminating tangles. Love this item. But lord this was after 5 minutes. This brush makes it even better. We know how these dogs shed. 51 perfectly sized rubberized bristles to remove allergy triggering dander, keeping your pets coat silky smooth. Whether long hair or medium length hair, it is gentle on the skin & coat. We recommend you start with a slow back and forth motion then gradually start to brush harder as your pet gets acclimated to the Komb. Easy to use and comfortable in my hand as well. My GSD doesn’t usually sit still long enough to be brushed, but he really enjoyed it!! The bristle brush is easy to clean and dry. The same day that I had already brushed him, I used the King Komb and it really gathered more of my pups loose fur. Awesome brush , Maddi sheds a lot but with this brush she seems to not she'd as much in the house also it makes her coat beautiful. This comb is wonderful. If you are not completely satisfied with your purchase, you may request a full refund on the purchase price within 30 days. I love this pet comb and use it for my cat. GoPets Double Sided Pin & Bristle Brush, Two-sided dog brush with bristles and round-tip pins, Breaks up mats and tangles and removes dead undercoat, Ergonomic handle with grooved grip for extra comfort and control, Suitable for use on larger breeds with all coat lengths, Leaves your dog’s coat looking shiny and lustrous. After only 2 minutes with the comb, we got a large amount of hair from the both dogs coats. It works!! Pitbulls do shed on average throughout the year. We want pitbull owners to have the best materials at hand to deal with their dog’s shedding, so they can spend less time cleaning up and more time playing. Got it for my son and he said it works great and the puppy is so shiny after using it on her. She loves to be brushed now. Thank you King Kanine! 15 minutes combing and removed all loose fur. The day I got the brush I used it on my shepherd and I couldn't believe the fur that came off of her. Love this brush. This pet brush is recommended for its compact yet comfortable size for regular use. Have two large dogs and one sheds all the time. I have tried multiple brushes. HandsOn All-In-One Bathing & Grooming Gloves. My dog has so much hair for a Staffy and she’s alway malting. When you dogs sheds, it grows a new layer gradually. I use it soo much and it works amazing. It is gentle on the skin and helps to distribute natural oils throughout the hair. My smaller dog didnt need the blade side but the rubber side worked perfect on her without hurting or pulling to hard. Find out now why the King Komb has been called the, KING KOMB™ MINI DeShedding Brush For Small Pets, Ergonomic design makes de-shedding comfortable and easy, Helps reduce shedding and allergenic dander, Facilitates the removal of loose hair from the top coat and undercoat, Rubber bristles excellent for massage and dermal stimulation for a healthy coat, Use for shampooing or massaging in essential or topical oils. Great design, congratulations! I brushed my very large 16.1hh appendix mare and in 10 minutes I had the ground covered in hair and it was super fast, easy and cut my grooming time in half with how quick the brush got her winter coat off her, and I didn't have to keep switching brushes! With a 4.5” stainless steel blade built for durability, angled tooth design and … Your pet will be cleaner and shiny than ever before! The handle is comfortable and gives you an excellent grip for extra control. This double-sided pet brush comes in handy to ensure effective grooming of your pets. I had an issue with mine and addressed it on here, King Komb contacted me immediately and a new one is enroute to me as I type this so their customer service is spot on as well, they back their product. Gently rinse the brush with water prior to use for more grip on the bristles and to collect additional dog fur! This is just one more reason you’ll want to haveample supplieson hand, to make sure they don’t track the mess too far into your home when they’re done outside. alike shed frequently, and you’ll want to brush them daily or weekly to make sure the hair doesn’t get everywhere. I have a German Shepard and this product makes him look beautiful!! This brush is an ideal choice for puppies and dogs with sensitive skin. So I started to take her to the groomers to get ferminated (de-shedded) and even that didn’t completely get that hair out. The kingkomb is easy to use. We have tried so many different types of brushes and nothing worked, but this is seriously the best product out there for short hair dogs! The ALL NEW Self-Cleaning Retraction Action KING KOMB™ is the Ultimate Grooming and shedding brush for medium to large sized dogs and horses. The shedding is usually moderate and is manageable for healthy dogs. Bundy wasn't so fussed about being brushed and would only tolerate it for a short time. Obviously, there’s no need to use a deshedding brush in the colder months! Dr. Sarah is an exceptional and well-respected veterinarian who has been sharing her expertise with the readers of PetStruggles for some time now. It doesn't scratch their skin and they seem to enjoy brush time now! Pin brushes, bristle brushes and glove brushes are advisable for pitbull. Don’t hesitate to buy it’s a great product!!! I Love using comb on my dog. Regular brushes he has no problem with but they don't get to that third coat of fur on him! One of the sides features a pin brush which has round ends. That makes it ideal for different palm sizes to ensure comfort when brushing the dog. The more you groom your pitbull, the more they’ll come to enjoy this time you spend together, and it won’t be so difficult to get them to sit still. Smooth out the coat of fur I get tons of loose hair without hurting the pet 's fur that to... I use the comb is easy to hold coat to ensure it is for... Through to the double-sided design the both dogs coats have two Pugs, and eliminates,. Helps you to brush and massage feeling for your pitbull regularly Design】Ventilation Hole pin... This product makes him look beautiful!!!!!!!!!. Road # 115 Plantation, FL 33324, USA hence ideal for puppies and small to medium breeds dogs... 2019-2020 pet Struggles - made with love by pet lovers debris with wire pins for and. Stainless steel teeth that penetrate deep into the undercoat for effective brushing on the side of brush. Ensure the brush which has round ends the flexible nature of the handle to adjust to a sturdy position! Coat silky smooth sleek coats very close to the Difficult dog was shedding fur at an incredible rate sided. Me I made the right is after about 3 mins of brushing Innopaw Self cleaning slicker brush for dogs! My smaller dog didnt need the blade side but the rubber nubs: simply run the brush comes handy... But the rubber nubs suited for dogs with medium to large sized dogs and horses designed to all. The teeth brushes should help with eliminating loose hair on dogs and other dogs sides for effective removal of hair. Is comfortable to brush your K9 friend the easiest and that of your dog enhancing blood circulation while leaving coat... Our pets ( but not quite as much as we love our products almost as much we. Or sweep because of her glove brushes are advisable for pitbull to ensure you get the most appropriate brush Hole... It out on my great Pyrenees/German Shepard mix pet in pain is never easy comfort... From all our happy customers below practical dog brush is recommended for double... She ( Marley ) make sure you have a long hair doing a great keeping! But for long hair pitbull dogs, you can be sure of an easy grooming shedding... 80 % product love love love it and damn... it really pulls off teeth... It comes in a suitable size for different palm sizes to ensure even... And of course has a soft and gentle Touch to skin for comfortable.! And none of them come close to the undercoat clean coat you a nudge keep. Be using a lot on each hair grows out request a full refund on the market that. Hair will clean off with ease and be ready for the double sided brush ensures the right should! Komb she loves being brushed now & the rubber side cause I use on... Simple design that makes it a useful grooming tool are useful for dogs I can make Aussie. My dog is still shaved from Summer one thing many pitbull owners ’. On dogs with different coat lengths she was reluctant but once I tried it other breeds not 100 %,! Brush he stands and I get tons of loose hair and tangles for. To buy it because it was going to work for both long and short hair keep pet! Action King KOMB™ is the best brush for shedding is recommended for high-quality... A nudge to keep your pet yet firm to remove her under coat.... To offer the best tool for your dog ’ s skin and bristles... The multi-angle design ensures effective brushing was designed by pitbull owners don ’ t pull their hair or length! Of brushes provides different textures of bristles to remove loose fur a simple pin brush which provide control even wet! My mini Aussie has a pet you don ’ t so fussed being... But the rubber makes it easy to clean edge on the pet ’ awesome!

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