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Driving Under the Influence is a serious offense. A conviction may have devastating and permanent effects on your career or future career choice.

A Jacksonville DUI Lawyer Protects Your Rights

If you’ve been arrested for DUI in Jacksonville, you need an experienced and aggressive DUI lawyer to fight for your rights. Here in Florida, driving under the influence is considered a serious offense and carries heavy fees and penalties. While some defendants prefer to pay the court costs and fees and put the incident behind them, this approach can cause the offense to stay on your record permanently. A drunk driving conviction can cause issues in your professional and personal life for many years to come.

Choose a DUI Attorney Who Will Fight For You

After many years of practicing law, James Davis is not afraid to take on police officers or prosecutors. By questioning every element of your case, Mr. Davis finds the aspects of your case that can lead to an acquittal or reduction in charges. Police officers are far from perfect, and often make mistakes during the course of a DUI arrest.  An experienced DUI attorney in Jacksonville, like James Davis, knows how to find and seize these opportunities.

What Happens After You Are Arrested for DUI in Florida?

After a DUI arrest, you only have 10 days to request a hearing challenging your driver’s license suspension. The DMV hearing is a critical chance for your Jacksonville DUI attorney to gather information about the incident that lead to your arrest. During this hearing, your attorney has the chance to question the police officers who arrested you.  For this reason, Mr. Davis always brings a court reporter to a DUI hearing to obtain a written record of the officers’ sworn testimony. If any of the arresting officers changes or forgets important details later on, Mr. Davis will use the record to impeach their credibility, often leading to a victory for you.



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