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We routinely represent people who have shoplifted from a retail store. Sometimes the police will take you to jail but if you’re lucky, you will receive a notice to appear, (NTA) for petit theft. Do not take the NTA lightly. You have been arrested but you were fortunate to have avoided going to jail for the night. You must set a court date within 10 days or a warrant will be issued for your arrest.  We will set the court date and begin defending your case. We will fight vigorously to ensure you do not receive a conviction and become convicted of a crime of dishonesty.

There are many crimes that fall under the term Fraud. We routinely represent individuals charged with Grand Theft, Schemes to Defraud, Uttering, Worthless Checks, Defrauding a Financial Institution, etc. Depending on the amount of the theft, you may be subjected to a minimum mandatory prison sentence. At the Law Office of James Davis, P.A., we will thoroughly investigate all of the evidence and even use a forensic technology expert to examine data if necessary.



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