How to Find the Best Jacksonville Criminal Attorney


This is where the journey begins. Use whatever resources you have available including the internet, a telephone book, or friends with the knowledge of the best attorneys in your area. Come up with a list of prospective Jacksonville criminal attorneys that will get the job done for you. Next, do research on these attorneys. Here is a checklist that should help narrow down the list of prospective attorneys:
1. Look up the name of the attorney and see what kind of reputable information there is about them on the web including articles, FAQ’s, or client recommendations. Their biographies are also a good way of judging if they have the level of expertise required to help with your case.
2. Find out if the lawyers on your list are in good standing with the state bar association.
3. Look for some of their ads in the yellow pages of the telephone book or on the web. Are they at all appealing?
4. Do you have any special requirements of your Jacksonville criminal attorney? Would it be helpful for them to speak a different language? Make sure these special requirements are taken into consideration when searching for the best attorney.

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Now that the list has been narrowed down to a few attorneys, it is time to start making some phone calls. When speaking to the staff of a Jacksonville criminal attorney, make sure you are treated with respect. A professional staff could mean that the lawyer working your case is professional as well. Don’t write off an attorney if they can’t meet with you on short notice. Good lawyers are busy and this is a key indicator that they are hardworking people.

Hiring an attorney takes time and effort. When hiring a Jacksonville criminal attorney just remember these few steps and it will make the process effortless. Contact me, James Davis, at (904) 350-0420 to schedule your free consultation.

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