Brady has developed an unusual sleeping habit - he becomes a sleep ninja. Brady, now with a pumpkinhead, scares off the Tarantula People, and Bill and Nancy are convinced that the boys will be fine living with Mason and Mikayla. Sabrina challenges Mikayla to a duel. When Boomer does not get to rule the team as much as Brady, Boomer starts his own team with help from Kinkow's resident to challenge Brady. When two moons appear, the kings meet the ghost of Malakai, the first king of Kinkow, who explains that an evil twin will destroy the island. Boomer convinces Uhngela to be with her boyfriend, who then releases Rebecca. When the kings make Jason head guard, Mason quits and drowns his sorrows in eating. Brady goes back to Chicago as he feels he is not mature enough to deal with being a king or to be Mikayla's boyfriend. Brady and Boomer disguise themselves to join the Riptides, a gang famous for pulling pranks all over the island. Rate. Brady finally musters up the courage to ask Mikayla out, by using a note Lanny wrote for him, but he reconsiders and decides to ask her in person; when Brady attempts to retrieve the note, Mikayla mistakenly assumes the note is from Boomer, and he learns that before dating a girl in Kinkow, one must be hunted down by her father. 5 Nov. 2012 Thumb & Thumber. Pair of Kings season 3 episode 21 Long Live the Kings (1) The Bat Medallion that Boz in Rebecca's apartment has dragged Rebecca to Kinkow. As a result, he erases Rebecca's memory of her relationship with Boomer to keep her safe. The season started with a special event in which Boomer and Brady defeat Zadoc of the dark side, and ends with a clip show reviewing clips from previous episodes. King Boz of Mindu (who is revealed to be Boomer and Brady´s long lost triplet) comes to Kinkow because of a terrible storm that sank his island. Watch Pair of Kings - S2 E7 - Pair of Geniuses - Pair of Kings on Dailymotion. The two kings find five beautiful mermaids on the beach and bring them to the castle to turn them into human princesses of the castle. Pair of Geniuses. Brady and Boomer decide to find a female friend for Mikayla. When one of the kings' stunts gets Mikayla suspended, the boys refuse to take responsibility. 1. Brady spits an egg at Mason, knocking him out. He gives Boz and Mikayla a Dirt Fairy potion so they will dislike each other, but the potion is too potent and sends them into mortal combat instead. The Queens compliment the Kings on a ridiculous human slingshot idea they had dreamed up and ask them to be the Kings … The twins cede the throne to Lanny for the better of Kinkow and depart on a balloon voyage back to Chicago for good, until Zadoc fires a magical orb at the balloon and sends it and the kings plummeting straight to the dark side of the island. Meanwhile, a menace from the past launches a surprise attack on the kings and it is revealed that Rebecca's father used to be part of the Tarantula tribe. Update 07/01/2015Thank you guys again, you are the best! Boomer, sick of Mikayla's awkwardness and overall lack of coolness, decides a summer vacation cruise with the rest of the island's teens could make her more popular. Series 3, Episode 7 Unrated CC HD CC SD. Just before Brady can finish off Boomer, Mikayla gives him a long kiss, breaking him from Kalakai's spell. The Kings turn down the Goat Sisters Billie and Nannie (who wish to be their dates to the "Queen Uber Oogli Dance") and are then changed by a curse into ugly, unrecognizable versions of themselves. The kings make clones of themselves and while they go surfing, they send their doubles to the Kalooki Island Peace Summit. 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