Probation Violations: You could land in jail

There are few things that are more intimidating than being charged with a crime. After you have been charged. your case may ultimately be resolved with a probation disposition. Probation is no easy matter.  Judges often put onerous restrictions on those who are placed on probation.

Probation violations are serious and move quickly

Florida judges are quick to respond to requests for warrants for probation violations. Those who are arrested will most likely be held without bond until such time as the case is resolved. Because you are being charged with a violation, you are not entitled to a trial before a jury. The judge, not a jury, will decide your fate. To be found in violation, the reason for the violation must be substantial and willful on your part. The burden of proof is only for the State to prove the violation to the “conscious of the Court.” A far cry from beyond a reasonable doubt! If you have violated probation,  you should  immediately call a Jacksonville criminal attorney for help.

What types of violations can land me in jail?

A person who is on probation is subject to serious limitations and conditions to complete such as, paying fines, community service, counseling,drug testing and reporting to a probation officer at least monthly.. Failure to complete any  condition can mean you can be arrested and jailed until the time the court determines what should be done about the violation. Other violations may include:

New law violation / arrest

  • Failing to attend court-ordered treatments
  • testing positive for illegal drugs
  • Failure to notify the probation office of a new address

Do not waste time

Because there is no right to a jury trial, you need an aggressive Jacksonville criminal lawyer to help keep you out of jail. Remember you are not entitled to a bond in a probation violation; you  may have to remain in jail until such time as the court hears your violation case.

If you are arrested for any probation violation matter, contact The Law Office of James Davis, P.A. at (904) 358-0420 right away. We can help protect your freedom and defend you against probation violations.

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