Sealing Arrest Record in Jacksonville

Sealing Arrest Record in Jacksonville

If you’ve been arrested in Jacksonville and you do not want anyone to ever know about it, you may be eligible to have your criminal record sealed or expunged.

At the Law Office of James Davis, we have helped hundreds of people throughout the Jacksonville area seal or expunge their criminal records.

A criminal record can have an extremely negative affect on your ability to seek employment. Employers can not only perform background checks, but can simply perform a search on the Clerk of Court website to find details about the arrest and prosecution of a criminal case in Jacksonville. There is no reason why a potential employer should discover that you have an arrest record.

Do not let an arrest ruin the rest of your life. We will file all necessary motions to seal your record. If the prosecutor files an objection, we will fight in court to ensure the court seals or expunges your record.

A Criminal Case Can Be Expunged If:

Which criminal records may be expunged?

  • Nolle Prosequi (Dismissal): meaning charges dismissed by the state of Florida after arrest.

A Criminal Record May Be Sealed If:

  • Adjudication Withheld
  • Acquittal by a judge or jury: verdict of not guilty produced from trial.

A Criminal Record may not be sealed or expunged if:

  • Adjudicated Guilty

What is the criteria to be eligible to have a record sealed or expunged?

  • No prior convictions for any criminal offense
  • Not currently under court supervision
  • No criminal record previously sealed or expunged