Sealing and Expungement of Criminal Records in the State of Florida

Living in the Sunshine State with a criminal record is not so sunny when you are followed around by a criminal record.  Florida is one of the easiest states for employers, landlords, etc. to access these records, making criminal activity in Florida a looming black mark on your permanent record.

Good News:  Everyone DESERVES a second chance. Florida has a way for people that qualify to have their past Florida criminal record sealed or even expunged from their record. The process of sealing or expunging your record will take time, but this is essentially a fresh start for you and your future.

Commonly Asked Questions

  • How can James Davis help? We have a thorough understanding of the sealing and expungement laws. We will streamline the application process and move your case as quickly as possible. While we have to wait for FDLE, we will be expeditious in moving your case through the court system. We will fight any State Attorney’s Office if they object to you having your record sealed or expunged!
  • Why do I need a lawyer? Clearing your record takes time.  If even the smallest of mistakes are made in your application or petition, it could force you to restart the entire process.  This delay could cost you extra funds and time; months or even years.  James Davis Defense is a trusted name in sealing and expungement and can guide you and expedite the process.
  • What is the difference between sealing and expungement of my record? Although the specific requirements for either the sealing or expungement process are different, both procedures allow YOU THE RIGHT TO DENY HAVING BEEN ARRESTED AND CHARGED WITH A CRIME.  The sealing process results in the file being placed under seal and removed from public access; the expungement process results in physical destruction of the file!
  • What can my employers see on my record? All records in Florida are public unless they are sealed or expunged.
  • How long should I plan on waiting for a Criminal Record Application to process? Start early.  There are numerous factors to consider in the length of time it will take to complete the sealing or expungement of your record.  We will review all the facts of your particular situation with you and act quickly to ensure your record is sealed or expunged in a timely manner.

James Davis Defense is a law firm that is here to help you clear your Florida criminal record.  We believe in fresh starts.

Let’s get started today!