Top 5 Things to Consider Before Hiring a Criminal Defense Attorney

1. Experience
Receiving the best possible outcome from a case usually involves hiring a lawyer with in-depth expertise regarding your issue. This expertise usually is derived from years of defending clients for a variety of different crimes. Lawyers can focus on many different issues, but you should only be interested in hiring one with experience with your particular crime. For example, if you are accused of a DUI, you should hire a criminal defense attorney with a solid experience defending clients accused of various drug and alcohol related charges.

2. Personality
The attorney that represents you should be enthusiastic, helpful, and attentive during every step in your defense. If your future is threatened by criminal charges, you should want to hire a criminal defense attorney that will update you on certain aspects of your case and who will always make time to address your needs. Your attorney should never make you feel as if they are not paying attention to your situation.

3. Location
When hiring an attorney, you should look primarily in your own local area or state. Many legal statutes are different in different states, so you should want to hire someone who is licensed to practice and has knowledge about your particular area. Hiring someone with expertise in your local area can also help with navigating court appearances and increase your ability to meet in person to discuss pending actions.

4. Reputation
Even if a potential attorney has years of experience and a great personality, if they cannotachieve a successful result in your case, there is no point in hiring them. Use their website or reach out to them by phone to learn more about the clients they have represented and the results they have achieved.

5. Price
As with any other major decision, price should be a factor of consideration when looking into different attorneys. Even though it is important to hire an attorney within your price range, remember that you may jeopardize your future by hiring a cheap, inexperienced attorney to represent you. Always keep in mind that while someone may charge a high price, their price is not always an indicator of quality. Do your research when considering different attorneys, and hire one that meets all of your qualifications and is in your price range.


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