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There are a few violent crimes
which are commonly associated with the term battery

domestic violence lawyer jacksonvilleThe Law Office of James Davis, P.A., routinely defends individuals who are facing charges of Domestic Battery, Aggravated Battery, Aggravated Battery on a Pregnant Female, and Simple Battery.  If you are looking for a domestic violence lawyer, we can help, get in contact with us today.

Domestic Battery– A domestic battery conviction is serious. It carries a mandatory jail sentence and counseling. If you touch/strike your spouse or significant other against their will, you will face prosecution.  The Law Office of James Davis, P.A., will fight to defend you against these accusations.

Sometimes individual’s get into an argument and call the police to simply make the other person leave. What they don’t realize is they are potentially subjecting their loved one to an unwanted arrest and prosecution.  We will fight to ensure the prosecutor knows the truth about what happened.

Aggravated Battery – Aggravated battery is a 2nd degree felony carrying up to a 15 year prison sentence. If you are accused of hitting someone with a weapon or causing serious bodily injury, you may be charged with aggravated battery. Whether you are guilty or not, we will fight for a successful outcome for your case.

Aggravated Battery on a Pregnant Female – There are only a few crimes viewed  more seriously by judges and prosecutors than being accused of beating or hitting a pregnant woman.  Sometimes a simple argument can escalate into this charge. You don’t have to actually hit or strike a woman to be arrested. If you simply touch or grab a woman’s arm during a heated argument you may be charged with this crime. We will fight to ensure the prosecutor understands the entire situation and fight for a successful outcome.

What to Expect When Hiring Us

As domestic violence lawyers, we’re here to help represent you in your pursuit of justice. If you’ve been accused of domestic violence, it’s vital that you know your legal rights and speak to an experienced lawyer. This is something we can help you with! We specialize in these cases and can help you understand the legal options available and provide valuable advice on handling any charges.

Understand the Benefits of Hiring a Domestic Violence Lawyer

One of the primary benefits of hiring a domestic violence lawyer is their specialized knowledge and experience in domestic abuse cases. We understand the complex legal issues that can arise during domestic disputes and how to navigate the court system.

A domestic violence lawyer with experience can help ensure your rights are respected and you receive the best possible outcome in court. Furthermore, domestic violence lawyers are well-versed in how domestic abuse cases have the potential to be mishandled or even ignored by police and prosecutors.

By hiring us to represent you, you can benefit from our expertise in getting the best possible outcome in domestic abuse cases. Finally, we may be able to help you access resources like counseling or other assistance that can help you during this difficult time.

Research and Choose the Right Lawyer for Your Case

Research and compare different attorneys to help you decide who is best suited for your situation. Before hiring a domestic violence lawyer:

  • You can also look up domestic violence lawyers online, read reviews, and learn more about their backgrounds.
  • Consider the domestic violence lawyer’s experience in domestic abuse cases.
  • Make sure they have a track record of success in similar circumstances.
  • Ask them questions to understand how they would approach your case and if they have any unique strategies or ideas to help you achieve the best possible outcome.

At the Law Offices of James Davis P.A we excel in the above criteria.

Hiring us can be invaluable for anyone facing domestic violence charges. Don’t hesitate to contact us today.

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