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If you’ve been arrested and are facing a drug trafficking charge carrying a minimum mandatory prison sentence, time is of the essence. There may be a way to ensure you do not face such an outcome if you act quickly. Contact James Davis as fast as possible to get an experienced, knowledgable drug crime lawyer on your case.We represent people from all walks of life charged with any and all drug offenses. Whether you’re an adult, college student, or juvenile charged with a drug offense, we can help. We are not here to judge you, only to help.

If you or someone you know is accused of selling, possessing or cultivating a controlled substance you do not have to plead guilty and simply accept the sentence the State wants to give you. We will work to obtain the best possible results for you; including forcing the state to drop the case if the police violated your rights, pre-trial intervention or plea bargaining to a less serious offense. The Law Office of James Davis, P.A., represents individuals charged with drug crimes in state and federal courts throughout Florida.

If you’ve been arrested for possessing, selling or trafficking marijuana, cocaine, heroin, hydrocodon, oxycodone or other pain pills, let us help you to mount a defense and fight the unfair consequences. Drug convictions can carry harsh penalties in the State of Florida. Depending on the situation, you may face stiff minimum mandatory prison time, high fines and driver license suspensions.

We Have The Experience to Fight Drug Possession Charges in Jacksonville

Our office understands and sympathizes with the marijuana community. As a member of NORML, the Law Office of James Davis, P.A., supports the legalization of marijuana.  Unfortunately, the State of Florida does not agree with us, yet. With first hand experiences regarding the incredible medicinal benefits of marijuana, we will fight to protect your future should you, unfortunately, be charged with a marijuana-related offense. If you are convicted of simply possessing marijuana in Jacksonville, your driver’s license will be suspended for one (1) year.  Our Jacksonville drug crime lawyer will fight to ensure you do not receive a conviction for any marijuana charge!

What Is a Notice To Appear for Possession of Marijuana?

If you received a “ticket” or Notice to Appear (NTA), from the police for Possession of Marijuana, do not take this lightly. Don’t be fooled, this was an arrest and it can have serious consequences on your future.  A Jacksonville good drug crime lawyer can help to reduce this impact. James Davis will fight to ensure you do not get convicted, go to jail, or lose your driver’s license for simply possessing some marijuana.

Possession of Pain Pills

The unlawful possession of pain pills (hydrocodone, oxycodone, roxycodone, etc…), carry extremely harsh penalties. If you sell or possess pain pills without a prescription you need to consult the Law Office of James Davis., P.A. A small handful of pills can subject you to a trafficking charge carrying a minimum mandatory prison sentence of 3, 15 and 25 years.

Our Jacksonville Drug Crime Lawyer Can Help You Fight Cocaine Possession Charges

Possessing any amount of cocaine under 28 grams is typically a 3rd-degree felony punishable by up to 5 years in prison. If you possess or sell 28 grams or more, the potential for punishment severely increases to a charge of Trafficking, carrying up to 30 years in prison.

Law Office of James Davis, P.A

We are a leading law firm in Jacksonville Florida practicing criminal defense, including drug trafficking & possession, DUI, gun charges, theft, burglary, and suspended licenses.  

When charged with a felony offense, you need an excellent attorney who will give you excellent legal advice. Our aggressive and experienced lawyers will fight to ensure you are treated fairly and your civil rights are protected.

If you have any questions or need help or information about felony charges, criminal justice, or legal matters, don’t hesitate to contact our law office to schedule a consultation. We will make every attempt to meet with you within 24 hours.

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