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The process of your criminal defense case.


You are taken to jail or given the Notice To Appear. This act is only the beginning.

First Appearance:

Within 24 hours you will appear before a judge and bond will be set. A Jacksonville criminal lawyer can appear with you during this initial appearance and generally get bond set lower than if you were without an attorney.

Contact the Prosecutor immediately:

After you have been arrested and appeared before a judge, it is critical that contact is made with the state attorney assigned to your case. TIME IS OF THE ESSENCE! The prosecutor will typically make a decision on your case within 21days of your arrest. If you do not have a Jacksonville criminal attorney advocating on your behalf, the prosecutor will rely solely on the police version of your case.

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Gathering Evidence:

After contacting the prosecutor and letting them know we are acting as your criminal attorney in Jacksonville, we will gather all the evidence in your case. We will get witness statements and research the applicable law that will benefit your situation. We provide this evidence and law to the prosecutor to show the strength of your defense.

Filed charges:

If the prosecutor feels they have a robust and provable case against you, they will formally file charges. You are now being prosecuted, and the stakes have been raised.

Plea of Not Guilty (even if guilty):

Yes, always plead not guilty first. This allows the criminal lawyer additional time to work on your case, take depositions and confront lying witnesses.

Work towards the best result possible for you:

  • NO conviction, jail or prison.
  • Trial if necessary.
  • Successful outcome.

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