1. Do I need an attorney for the first appearance?

It is extremely advantageous to have an attorney by your side at first appearance. An attorney has a better chance of obtaining a better bond than if you are unrepresented. The prosecutor will be there so you should have a lawyer too.

2. Does my juvenile need a lawyer?

A child absolutely needs a lawyer protecting their rights and future. We will fight to ensure your child is treated fairly and his / her poor decision does not have life long lasting consequences.

3. Do I need a lawyer if I was arrested for DUI?

A conviction for DUI has life-long ramifications. The consequences of a DUI conviction can land a person in jail and leave you without a driver’s license. The prosecutor will fight to keep their DUI conviction rate high. Having a lawyer will greatly increase your chances of avoiding a DUI conviction.

4. Do I need a lawyer for possessing less than 20 grams of marijuana?

Under Florida law, a conviction for simple possession of marijuana has a longer driver’s license suspension than a first time DUI conviction! You absolutely need a lawyer to ensure your rights are protected when you are facing a marijuana offense.

5. Should I be concerned if I am charged with shoplifting?

Shoplifting / petit theft is considered a crime of dishonesty which can cause you problems on a background check for a job. Who wants to hire what they perceive as someone who is dishonest? We will fight to ensure you are not convicted of a theft charge and labeled with a crime of dishonesty in your background.

6. If I was arrested for drugs, do I need a lawyer?

Anytime you have been arrested, having a lawyer will greatly increase the probability of achieving a favorable result. Drug convictions in Florida have an extra penalty that many people do not even realize; driver’s license suspensions! We will fight to ensure you have a favorable outcome and avoid losing your driver’s license in a drug case.

7. I was arrested for DUI, what next?

You only have 10 days from your arrest date to request a hearing to challenge the suspension of your driver’s license. We will discuss the advantages/disadvantages of having a formal hearing at the DMV regarding your license and then how to proceed with the actual criminal case.

8. Can I have my criminal record sealed or expunged in Florida?

A person is eligible to have only one arrest sealed or expunged in their lifetime in the State of Florida. There are certain crimes that are ineligible if you entered a plea in the case. Call us and we will discuss your options.

9. If I received a notice to appear, what do I do next?

A notice to appear is an arrest in the State of Florida. It should be taken very seriously. A notice to appear is not a simple ticket like a traffic citation. You can be sentenced to jail for the crime for which you were given the notice to appear! You should have a lawyer represent you in court for this arrest to ensure your rights are protected.

10. If I was arrested for Domestic Battery, what are my options?

Domestic violence is taken very seriously by the Court and prosecutors. We will fight to ensure you are not convicted and pursue all avenues to resolve the case for something other than a Domestic Battery.

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