Bond Hearings and Reduction: Getting Out of Jail as Quickly as Possible

Your lawyer can quickly request a bond reduction for you, which will expedite the process.

Your attorney will attend your bond hearing with you and can gather testimony on your behalf to demonstrate to a judge that you are not at risk for flight. In fact, simply hiring a criminal defense attorney can help signal to a judge that you are engaged in the proceedings and more likely to stick around to handle your case rather than try to flee from it.

Bond Reduction
After your attorney requests a bond reduction for you, you will attend a bail hearing and a judge will set the bond. After this point, you will have the option to post bond and return to life while your charges play out.
Whereas in a criminal trial the burden of proof is on the prosecution, the burden of proof will be on youwhen seeking a bond reduction. You must prove that the bail set is excessive in your case and a reduction is needed.
The process, like many elements of criminal defense, can be complicated and time consuming. It is important to have a criminal defense attorney on your side to ensure that your bond reduction is tackled in a timely manner and entered correctly the first time. Contact me, James Davis, by phone at (904) 358-0420, and my experience and knowledge can help you achieve the best possible result.

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