Driver’s License Suspensions: Fighting Back

Having your driving privileges revoked can cause a number of issues including interfering with your ability to earn a living. We understand that your driver’s license means more than simply an ability to use your vehicle for recreational purposes, it is part of what allows you to get to work, shop for your family and ensure your family has ready access to medical care when necessary. Under Florida law, there are numerous issues that could result in license revocation including:

  • Failure to pay a traffic ticket
  • Failure to complete court-ordered driving school
  • Failure to maintain auto insurance
  • Failure to pay court-ordered child support payments
  • If the insurance company fails to notify DMV of your insurance status
  • Point accumulation on your driving record
  • Certain criminal convictions that can automatically result in revocation

Prior to Driver’s License Revocation

The Florida DMV will notify you by mail of any revocation of your driving rights and inform you when the revocation is to take effect, and the length of time you must wait for your license to be reinstated. It is crucial that you do not wait to contact an experienced criminal lawyer to assist you in possibly maintaining your driving privileges. However, we also understand in some cases, the suspension letter may not have been received and you could be facing criminal charges of driving with a suspended license. Although we can help fight the charge of Driving While License Suspended, additional charges could mean an even longer time without your license.

Fighting License Revocation

Regardless of the cause of your license suspension, contacting a Florida Driver’s License attorney immediately may help prevent the suspension all together. This process can be complicated, and having a Jacksonville defense attorney who understands how the DMV works can be very helpful and in some cases, can make a difference between having your license reinstated and having to wait months, and in some cases, years to regain the right to drive.

If you receive a letter from the DMV informing you that your driving privileges have been, or will be, suspended or revoked, do not delay in contacting our office; time is of the essence. If

you have the copy of the suspension letter, bring it with you when we meet; this will help us determine what the DMV is using against you to suspend your driver’s license.

If for some reason our office is unable to assist you in having your driving privileges reinstated, you may be eligible for a hardship license. While the DMV may impose additional restrictions even if they issue you a hardship license, there are two specific types of hardship licenses, a general hardship and a work-related hardship. If your reinstatement is a work-related license, you may only travel back and forth to work and the general reinstatement allows for work, medical and other essential travel.

If you have lost your right to drive for any reason, contact the Law Office of James Davis, P.A. at (904) 358-0420 right away. We can help fight to get your driving privileges reinstated as quickly as possible and help ensure that your livelihood is not jeopardized.


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