Florida Has Doubled Down on Prostitution: What You Don’t Know Could Put You in Prison

Florida Has Doubled Down on Prostitution: What You Don’t Know Could Put You in Prison  

During 2015, the Florida Legislature added 27 new laws dealing with prostitution and other similar issues. While some of these laws are new, such as the one making revenge porn illegal, others were geared to aid in the state’s ongoing push to strengthen existing prostitution laws and make the punishments more rigid. Unfortunately, many of the citizens of Florida and visitors to the state are not aware of these new laws, making it all too easy to be charged with one of these crimes.

Understanding Florida’s Prostitution and Prostitution-Related Crimes

According to Florida law, prostitution crimes can be committed by both the person acting as a prostitute and any person acting as a “john”, pimp, or madame. In addition to clear actions such as owning or operating a building for the purpose of prostitution or offering to engage another person in the act of prostitution, there are also less clear-cut crimes, including:

  • entering a place where prostitution is committed or remaining in a place where the crime of prostitution is committed
  • offering directions or transportation to a place where the crime of prostitution is committed
  • hiring a person engaged in prostitution
  • solicitation of another person to commit the crime of prostitution

 What to Do When Charged With a Prostitution Crime

Top rated attorney in Jacksonville James Davis works daily with people who unknowingly find themselves at odds with Florida’s new, more stringent prostitution laws. Since these new laws have also made the punishments more serious for those convicted of these crimes, Mr. Davis stresses the importance of mounting the best possible defense to these charges.

Prostitution charges, especially under Florida’s tougher new laws are a serious matter that can cause personal and professional problems for both the accused and their families. If you, or a family member, is caught up in Florida’s confusing new prostitution laws, contact Jacksonville defense attorney James Davis, of The Law Office of James Davis, P.A. immediately.

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