It’s Not Just Sex!

It Isn’t Just Sex! Making Sense of Florida’s Complicated Prostitution Laws  

It is an accepted fact that Florida’s prostitution laws are stringent, as part of the state’s resolve to diminish or extinguish the prostitution industry and help stop the serious problem of sex trafficking. As these laws have become tougher, they have also become much more complicated.

Prostitution Charges in Florida are Not Just About Sex

This has created a climate in which it is possible for Florida residents to face criminal charges even though they have not actually exchanged sexual acts for money or some other type of benefit.

Because of the damage any type of prostitution charge can do to lives, families, and futures, it is important that every resident know and understand Florida’s prostitution laws so they can avoid taking any action that could result in a prostitution charge.

What Landlords Need to Know About State Prostitution Laws

An excellent example of a non-sexual act that can still result in a prostitution charge is when a property owner knowingly benefits or receives some type of monetary gain from a prostitution-related crime. This can be as seemingly innocuous as renting a home or other space to a person that is involved in prostitution, whether they are actively participating in sex for hire or making appointments for any type of illegal lewd behavior or sexual activity to take place.

Prostitution Charges Require a Solid Defense

Finding yourself at odds with Florida’s prostitution laws requires building a solid defense to safeguard your life and livelihood. Jacksonville criminal defense lawyer James Davis, of the The Law Office of James Davis, P.A. can provide the type of dedicated defense you will need. Mr. Davis utilizes his experience and timely understanding of the law to successfully navigate the Florida criminal justice system for his clients who have been accused of all types of prostitution-related criminal acts.

Misdemeanor Charges Must Be Taken Seriously

Remember that being accused of any crime, even a misdemeanor, must be taken seriously to prevent irreparable damage. For prostitution or any type of criminal defense, Jacksonville attorney James Davis can provide the help you need.

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