Florida HTO Suspension: Can You Save Your Driving License?

A suspension of five years or having your license revoked could mean losing your job and constantly having to make other travel arrangements. First of all, do not panic. While you may feel stress over your situation, you are certainly not without options.

Secondly, the HTO suspension is not set in stone unless you decide to do absolutely nothing to fight it. In order to protect your driving privileges to contest the suspension, you’ll have to move quickly to keep time on your side. Contesting requires a deep understanding of the law in order to question the circumstances of your license suspension. Most drivers facing a HTO Suspension don’t have much experience with this kind of situation, and should quickly hire an experienced defense attorney in Jacksonville to work on their behalf.
What happens if you do nothing
By choosing not to contest the suspension, you will be facing a revoked driver’s license or a suspension of your license for five years. After a hard suspension – time to be determined by DMV- , you may apply for a hardship license, although it is not guaranteed that you will receive this license. In addition, the cost of your insurance may increase as much as three times the original amount. It would not be a wise decision to drive with a suspended or revoked license, as you could be looking at possible time in prison along with higher fines. Make no mistake, the HTO Suspension can have long lasting implications when it comes to your financial well-being if it is not addressed.
Underlying causes
When you contact a defense attorney in Jacksonville, the contesting process begins with a thorough review of your driving record. A skilled attorney can have a post-conviction motion filed to possibly eliminate any or all of the offenses used to issue your suspension. If a conviction is taken off your record, then your license becomes valid once more, barring any other issues. The paperwork for contesting your convictions is long and detailed, needing to be handled with zero mistakes. This is yet another area that your defense attorney can be of service.

What to do next?
Don’t accept having your license suspended or revoked without speaking with a defense attorney in the Jacksonville area who can determine how best to preserve your driving privileges, as well as keep your costs of insurance premiums from going through the roof. The expenses of legal representation pale in comparison to the amount of lost wages incurred and higher insurance you could be forced to pay. Before you accept a five year suspension, your first step should be to immediately contact a criminal defense attorney in Jacksonville to better understand your options. Call me, James Davis, at (904) 358-0420 to schedule a consultation.

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