Can My Florida Criminal Record be Expunged?

There are a few reasons why having your record expunged is a good idea. Some reasons include:

  • Home rental and ownership – you may not be aware that when you apply to rent an apartment, the landlord may request a criminal background check. If you have a criminal record, even for a minor crime, they may reject you as a tenant. In addition, if you are applying for a mortgage, banks and other lenders often view those with a criminal record as a bad credit risk and may reject your loan application.
  • Job opportunities could be limited– those who have a criminal record may have difficulties finding a job. In addition, you could lose your professional licenses and have limitations on the opportunities available to you.
  • Furthering your education– you might be surprised to find out if you have a criminal record you may be prohibited from applying for federal student loans and grants for your education. While this may seem harsh, these penalties are embedded in the fine print of most grants and student loan programs.
  • Other reasons for expunging your record if you simply want the peace of mind of knowing you can honestly answer “no” on an application when questioned about a criminal record, you should speak with a Jacksonville defense attorney right away.

Understanding qualifications for expunging records

It is imperative that you understand when a criminal record may be expunged. In order to have a record successfully expunged, your attorney may ask you to provide proof of the following:

  • That the criminal record you are attempting to expunge has been dropped.
  • You have not had a conviction for any criminal offense in the past
  • You are not currently on probation or other supervision of the court
  • You have not previously had a record expunged

If you feel you meet the criteria for having a criminal record expunged, contact The Law Office of James Davis, P.A. at (904) 358-0420 for assistance. This process is complex and requires an understanding of the laws of Florida regarding criminal records.

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