False Sex Crime Charges

Whether you have been arrested or it has come to your attention that you are under investigation, you should contact a Jacksonville criminal defense lawyer immediately. The long-term consequences of sex based crimes can start from the minute you are suspected and the impact can be devastating. Accusations cause problems Unfortunately, unlike many other crimes, … Read more

Fighting Florida Drug Possession Charges

All states take drug charges very seriously, and in Florida, a felony conviction can result in some of the following: Jail time– you could face serious jail time if you are found guilty of possession of drugs. While other states have taken the step of legalizing marijuana, if you are found with more than 20 … Read more

Fighting False Domestic Battery Charges

Too often, these charges are filed out of spite versus out of a specific incident. If you are facing domestic battery charges under the current Florida statutes, you need a Jacksonville criminal defense lawyer to help with your defense. Jacksonville criminal defense lawyer explains FL domestic battery charges Florida statues are very broad about what … Read more

Can My Florida Criminal Record be Expunged?

There are a few reasons why having your record expunged is a good idea. Some reasons include: Home rental and ownership – you may not be aware that when you apply to rent an apartment, the landlord may request a criminal background check. If you have a criminal record, even for a minor crime, they … Read more