DUI: Understanding Penalties and Fines

It is important to understand that you will need a DUI attorney in Jacksonville to help you through the entire process as well as to ensure the best possible outcome on your case.

Penalties and fines associated with DUI

Many DUI charges in Florida are misdemeanors, but even these charges are going to stay on your permanent record. A conviction for a DUI will mean a criminal record that can be accessed by potential employers and even creditors. Some of the other penalties and fines include:

• Mandatory penalties – in a Florida court, there are mandatory penalties that a judge cannot change even if this is your first DUI charge. These penalties include being put on probation, automatic driver’s license suspension, impounding of your vehicle, and DUI School and possible alcohol treatment. You will also be subjected to a fine of between $500 and $15,000, depending on the severity of the charge.
• Secondary penalties – it is fairly common for those who are found guilty of a DUI to also face incarceration, the need for an interlock device on your ignition and the performance of community service.
• Alternative sentencing – if your DUI attorney is able to work out an alternative sentence, if you are found guilty, you may still be required to perform various tasks, and be required to wear a scram bracelet for a specific period of time.

Calling a Jacksonville DUI lawyer

If you are stopped for a DUI, it is important that you do not answer any questions and you do not submit to any sobriety tests without speaking with an attorney. Keep in mind, the less you tell the officer, the less they have to use against you. Your vehicle will likely be impounded and your license will most likely be taken pending an administrative hearing at the DMV.

If you are stopped for a DUI, call Attorney James Davis, at (904) 358-0420 immediately. I will work tirelessly to fight the charges against you and will work for the best possible outcome. The last thing you need is a foolish mistake resulting in a criminal conviction.

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