Florida Marijuana Laws: What to Know to Keep Your Summer Fun

Florida Marijuana Laws: What to Know to Keep Your Summer Fun

Florida has long been a mecca for those looking for the benefits of a mild climate, beautiful beaches, and clear blue water. According to recent statistics, Florida had more than 87 million visitors in 2011, continuing its position as a top global travel destination.

Because many of these visitors arrive from states where marijuana laws have recently changed they may assume that Florida drug laws have relaxed, as well. Throughout major cities in the state, including Jacksonville, criminal defense attorney offices continue to see case after case where defendants simply made the mistake of assuming that recreational marijuana laws in the state were now similar to those in their own home state or country. Sadly, this type of confusion can put these visitors at risk of paying large fines, vehicle confiscation, and even jail time.

Because education is the key to helping visitors avoid the potential embarrassment, expense, and heartbreak of dealing with a drug charge while vacationing in Florida, Jacksonville criminal lawyer organizations want to remind state visitors that the legal stance on marijuana remains rigid. While conversations are ongoing on the subject, Florida has not yet made any movement forward toward decriminalizing recreational marijuana use.

Some recent confusion can be attributed to the passage of Amendment 2, known as Florida’s medical marijuana law. But visitors should know that this law only provides protections to patients, caregivers, and medical professionals who meet strict qualifications under this law.

Visitors who remain confused about existing marijuana laws in the State of Florida, or those who find themselves charged with a drug crime should immediately seek appropriate legal counsel. Doing so is an important step in understanding their rights under current law and helping them to minimize the damage that can stem from being accused of a drug crime while vacationing in Florida.