Charged with a Crime? An Overview of Florida Law on Offer for Prostitution and Sale of Narcotic Offenses

Charged with a Crime? An Overview of Florida Law on Offer for Prostitution and Sale of Narcotic Offenses  

Knowledge is always the best defense, especially when a Florida resident or visitor is accused of a serious crime or offense, such as an offer for prostitution or the sale of narcotics. With criminal defense attorney Jacksonville FL firms seeing an uptick in these charges, it may be helpful provide an overview of the existing state laws concerning them.

Offer for Prostitution

Statute 796.07 lays out several ways in which someone can be charged with a prostitution crime, including:offering

  • offering to exchange sexual activity for compensation
  • offering compensation to someone else for sexual activity
  • arranging compensated sexual activity for other people
  • providing transportation to enable people to engage in compensated sexual activity
  • providing a space or location where compensated sexual activity takes place

It is important to remember that compensation is not limited to money. Compensation could be drugs, material goods, or some other type of benefit.

First violations of Florida prostitution laws are misdemeanors, punishable by fines, payment of court costs, or county jail time. Subsequent violations can result in much stiffer penalties, including being charged with a third-degree felony for a third offense with up to five years imprisonment, if convicted.

Sale of Narcotics

Distributing or selling narcotics is another area of increasing concern to Jacksonville criminal defense attorney groups. As marijuana laws in other states become more relaxed, Florida residents and visitors may mistakenly believe that the state’s laws have also relaxed. This is not true.

In fact, Florida statutes concerning drug trafficking and distribution continue to harshly penalize people convicted of selling, transporting, or importing illegal controlled substances, including prescription medications.

Being convicted of an offer of prostitution or the sale of narcotics crime can be devastating. Any Florida resident or visitor who finds themselves facing this type of charge should immediately have their case reviewed by a competent Jacksonville criminal defense attorney.

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